Temp FAQ

While we work tirelessly on our FAQ, all news pertaining to site operation will be posted here.

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Site Survey

Sexyarchaeology.org is off the ground and ready to begin its evolution into an online community created for archaeologists, by archaeologists.  Though it doesn’t look like much now, we’ve got exciting plans for the very near future.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be assembling a League of Extraordinary Archaeologists, a group of core contributors who will oversee the site’s daily operation.  We are currently hoping to dig up between six and ten volunteers to contribute their talents and help maintain the site.  We are seeking fun, intelligent, and talented people to help take part in establishing this website.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to be part of the League, drop me an email (sexyarchaeology@gmail.com) with your details (including web experience) and a brief statement of what you can bring to sexyarchaeology.org.  Unfortunately, we can’t afford to pay you (after all we are Archaeologists!) but the job will definitely have its perks.

Aside from the League, we are also looking for people to contribute, news, stories, articles, artwork, photos, and anything else that you feel is relevant to the site.  The sexier the better!  Those interested can also use the email address above, just include a sample of your writing and/or ideas you have.  Say you are interested in writing a weekly column about your experiences at your CRM job.  Fantastic!  Experience something out of a movie at your field school this summer?  We want to know!  Have a thought provoking theory on Neanderthal mating rituals?  You’re weird, but we’ve got a place for you!

The idea behind SexyArchaeology.org is to have a place where archaeologists, academics, amateurs, ditch diggers, shovel bums, and those who have never even held a trowel can unite to discuss ideas, theories and news, no matter their level of archaeological experience.

Our program is interested in making archaeology attractive to people of all ages and sexes.

So sharpen your trowel, don your D&G sunglasses and perfect your dramatic stance cause archaeology is about to get dangerously sexy.