Editorial: Project Update

In my year long sabbatical from archaeological field work, I’ve resumed work on a handful of projects that have been floating in my head for some time.  Two particular projects stand out and both involve the Jefferson County Historical Society, the proverbial HQ of historic preservation in my home town of Watertown, New York.  The most fully developed idea I’ve got floating in my head and on my hard drive is a podcast series I hope to introduce within the next few weeks.  The second is a community based archaeological project that with enough planning and support could possibly be implemented next summer, here first in Jefferson County and then elsewhere around the United States.  I’m incredibly excited about both projects and promise to provide more details as soon as I have things sorted.

In an attempt to gauge the possible level of reception of these projects, I felt it essential to put Watertown through a sort of test.  Over the course of a day, I’m going to commit myself to paying particular attention to the presence of archaeology and historic preservation within the city of Watertown.  I’ll do my best to avoid veering from the beaten path of my daily routine, but strive to note anything relating to archaeology.

Check back here mid-week and read my report.