Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology Exhibit opens in Montreal

A museum exhibit in Montreal opened this week showcasing on-screen archeological discoveries of Hollywood’s fictional adventurer Indiana Jones.

Presented by the National Geographic Society with the support of Lucasfilm, “Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology: The Exhibition” takes visitors on a virtual tour of sites depicted in the series of adventure movies.

It aims to shed light on such historical myths as the Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail, sought in the films by the title character played by American actor Harrison Ford.

Showcased are a collection of props and film footage from Lucasfilm archives and ancient artifacts on loan from the National Geographic Society and the Penn Museum, including gold graveyard relics from the Ur dynasty of ancient Mesopotamia and the oldest known map of the world.

“We learn a lot about archeology and at the same time it’s romantic, unbridled, which is interesting,” said Monique, 61, who attended the exhibit opening on Thursday with her grandson.

The exhibit is expected to attract thousands over the summer months, before packing up on September 18 and touring Europe and Asia.

From AFP


Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology, presented by the National Geographic Society, immerses you in the science and history of field archaeology. Walk in the footsteps of beloved film hero Indiana Jones as you embark on this interactive museum adventure.

This unique exhibition features

A vast and exclusive collection of Indiana Jones film props, models, concept art, and set designs from the Lucasfilm Archives

An interactive tour of legendary sites that sheds light on historical myths such as the Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail

A rare chance to see some of the world’s most impressive material remains and real-world artefacts from ancient societies from the collections of the world-renowned Penn Museum and the National Geographic Society archives

A handheld multimedia guide that lets you personalize your exhibit experience

An interactive quest game that let’s children of all ages test their skills and explore the exhibit content in a fun, innovative way