Various historical programs in NNY receive much needed funding

It’s always good to see historical projects within my community succeed.  With the State of New York slashing budgets and funding left and right, I applaud the Northern New York Community Fund for their efforts to ensure that struggling historical programs within Jefferson County continue to operate successfully.

At their quarterly meeting Tuesday, the Northern New York Community Foundation Board of Directors approved grants totaling over $28,000 to local organizations.

Grants approved were:

  • Dexter Historical Society – $10,000 matching grant to assist with critical repairs to their building.
  • Historical Association of South Jefferson – $10,000 to help with repairs to the roof of the Ripley House Museum, Adams.
  • Railway Historical Society of Northern New York – $5,000 towards the restoration of their building in Croghan.
  • South Jefferson Central School District – $3,000 to complete a photograph archival project which will make hundreds of historical images available to two school districts, seven libraries and three historical societies. This is made possible through a Foundation fund provided by the Herring College Memorial Trust.

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