Viewer Request: About the Header

I’ve received several emails inquiring about the new website header.  As part of keeping the website fresh and visual appealing, I’ve opted for including some of my own photos from time to time.  This one in particular comes form a site in California.  What you are seeing is a serious of bedrock mortars (108 in total).

Bedrock mortars have been identified in a number of world regions, but are intensely documented in the Americas.

Typical dimensions of these particular circular indentations are approximately 12 centimeters in diameter by 10 centimeters deep.  The beautiful wine color comes from a nearby mineral spring.  Occasional overflow fills the bedrock mortars and the heavier iron particulates become trapped in the depressions.

Bedrock mortars are often clustered in considerable number and in close proximity indicating that people gathered in groups to conduct food grinding in prehistoric cultures.  This area in particular was likely used as a meeting spot for nearby tribes.