Long lost Jefferson letter discovered

From the Washington Post:

Army veteran Tom Hewitt hovered over the stained and brittle page, itching to get closer but afraid to touch. Crowded into the upstairs office at American Legion Post 24 in Old Town Alexandria, he couldn’t believe what his wife was saying.

Not an hour before, Hewitt, 39, and his friends were drinking beer and talking about updating the walls with historic photos. His wife, Candice Bennett, dropped by, and the couple went upstairs to poke through the drawers and file cabinets in the messy third-floor office to look for some photos.

In a drawer, Bennett, 34, spotted a paper that looked very old and unusual. She pulled out her iPhone and tapped away, frantically searching for names. Then she turned to her husband.

“Tom, I think this is a Thomas Jefferson letter,” she said.

“You’re kidding me,” he said.

She wasn’t.

Read more here.

It wasn’t so much the mention of American forefather Thomas Jefferson that excited me about this article, as it was the mention of consumer level electronics aiding in historical research.  How many of us have turned to an iPhone or a BlackBerry when we’ve been in the field to help us answer some nagging historical conundrum we’ve been met with.  I’m glad to see our handy mobile devices finally getting a tip of the hat!


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