The Spaz Speaks: Resolutions

Yup, holidays make me fat, but more importantly, fat makes me happy. So, long story short, this holiday has made the Spaz oh-so very happy.

That being said, I’ll bet a lot of you fellow archaeologists are just as happy as I am, if not more so, and I’d go even further to say that you’re all planning out resolutions that are aiming at killing some of that happiness. Well, might I make a suggestion? I’ll take your resounding silence as a go ahead. Why not set all of your resolutions around your career in the field? I know, I know. It’s vacation time, and as soon as I got home for the holidays I got the “don’t talk about work, you’re on vacation,” speech about three times already. That’s the good thing about typing it though. My family won’t hear it and you can always hit the back button. So, here are some resolution suggestions:

In this poor work economy (10% unemployment rate) why not keep your ear out for your friends. Even if they already have a job, archaeology is a career. If they don’t have a job then you have even more reason to keep a lookout.

Resolution: I resolve to do my best to help my friends find great jobs!


How are your writing skills? After however long you have spent in college, they should be pretty good, and only need a little polish up. That being said, why not resolve to write a presentation or publication outlining your specific job or something you spend everyday working with. Just remember to not breach any client contracts or step on another colleague’s toes.

Resolution: Get published.


Do you find that your job takes over most of your life? Always writing? Are you salaried and at work for ridiculous amounts of time? Not getting enough time to try out alc-aeology? Why not come up with a new hobby or rediscover an old one. Outside of work, I write fiction stories, build robots, and play video games, just to name a few.

Resolution: Make time for something you just enjoy doing!


These are just a few examples of how you could enter the New Year happy (fat) with ambitions to accelerate your career. The losing weight resolutions never work because we’re happy fat. Perhaps this career related ones will, because we love money.

-The Spaz


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