Chucky Dicky Bang Bang!

On three now...

There is nothing a good duel can’t solve.

On May 30, 1806, Andrew Jackson and Charles Dickinson met for duel in Logan, Kentucky. The duel stemmed from Dickinson claims that Jackson reneged on a horse race bet and insults toward Jackson’s wife, Rachel. Dickinson’s shot hit Jackson in the chest near the heart. Dickinson’s seconds claim that Jackson’s first shot misfired, which should have ended the duel. But, he fired again and killed Dickinson.

There has never been a clearly identified resting place for Dickinson. Since the 1860s, historians have believed that his coffin had been found in Maryland. However, by digging through historical documents archeologist Dan Allen believes he has found the coffin in West Nashville. The remains of the grave are being moved to Old Nashville City Cemetery on 4th Avenue.  Link.

Once again, history had a question and archaeology solved it!


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