Sexy News from the World of Archaeology for 06 August 2009

Hope you all enjoyed last night’s season finale of Time Team America! Don’t forget to head over to the Time Team America website and check out the site report. And remember you can watch any of the episodes again anytime on the PBS Digital Portal.

On to the news! Here’s what’s happening this week in the world of Sexy Archaeology!

How about we start with the least sexy thing of the week. That example would have to come from Oxford, Alabama…

City leaders there have approved the destruction of a 1,500-year-old Native American ceremonial mound and are using the dirt as fill for a new Sam’s Club. The site is significant to Native Americans. The Woodland and Mississippian cultures that inhabited the Southeast and Midwest before Europeans stole and murdered arrived constructed and used these mounds for various rituals, which may have included funerals. There are concerns that human remains may be present at the site, though none have been found yet. Despite protest from anyone with half a brain, Oxford officials are pressing ahead with the project. We’re encouraging everyone to take the time to write to Alabama Governor Bob Riley and tell him what a detriment this is to Native American history. Link.

Wow, Oxford, seriously? Have you lost your mind?

Speaking of loosing your mind (and your head)…

As mass burial of 51 headless Vikings has been uncovered by archaeologists working in southern England. The dead are thought to have been war captives, possibly Vikings, whose heads were hacked off with swords or axes, according to excavation leader David Score of Oxford Archaeology, an archaeological-services company. Many of the skeletons have deep cut marks to the skull and jaw as well as the neck and the bodies show few signs of other trauma, suggesting the men were alive when beheaded. Lucky them. Link.

Here something from for the diggers that think to much

A study in forthcoming journal Psychological Science, suggests that showing popular history movies in a classroom setting can be a double-edged sword when it comes to helping students learn and retain factual information in associated textbooks. Students who learn history by watching historically based blockbuster movies may be doomed to repeat the historical mistakes portrayed within them, suggests a new study from Washington University in St. Louis. Link.

Whatever, I’m not selling my Young Indiana Jones Chronicles DVDs. Apocalypto on the other hand…

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That’s all for now!

Got a hot tip? Working on something sexy cool in the world of archaeology and want to tell the world? Contact and tell us what you’ve got! Until next time, stay sexy!


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