Tonight: Time Team America visits Range Creek, Utah!

I first heard about Range Creek last year. I was on my way to a dig and as I have a habit of doing, I’d stuffed an old issue of National Geographic in my pack. As the GMC bounced along the forested trail, I found myself engrossed in an article about a canyon in Utah and a man named Waldo Wilcox. I was blown away by what this one man had done to preserve the Fremont Indian sites on his land and it was an inspiring story to say the least. So when I learned that Time Team America was paying a visit to Range Creek, I was overjoyed.

Tonight, the fourth episode of Time Team America premieres on PBS station and were giving you a heads up it is the best one yet!


This week, Time Team America heads to the picturesque and remote canyons of southern Utah to examine what remains of the Fremont Indians who lived there 1,000 years ago. The Fremont stashed their food in clay granaries high on the cliffs of these canyons. They entered their underground homes through a hole in the ceiling, and they decorated rock walls with petroglyphs that remain a mystery to this day. Utah’s state archaeologist calls in Time Team America to examine some of the most pristine and puzzling archaeology in the United States. The team probes the ground, scales the cliffs, and learns what life was like in these canyons a thousand years ago.

Time Team America on July 8th!

Watch the episode NOW on the PBS Digital Portal.

And head over to the Time Team America website and learn more about Range Creek in the Site Report.

And if you haven’t already, check out the article from National Geographic’s August 2006 issue here.


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