Time Team America episode #2 premieres tonight on PBS!

Tonight is the premiere of the second episode of Time Team America on your local PBS station!

Tonight, Time Team America wades into the swamps of South Carolina to further our understanding of North America’s first human inhabitants.  Debate continues in the scientific community about when people first came to the American continent.  Did they follow big game across the continent 13,000 years ago or did they arrive much, much earlier?  Time Team America has just three days to search out evidence that could shed light on the controversy.  What they find could rock the archaeological world.  Along the way, they glimpse what life was like in North America 13,000 years ago, and what may have happened to the continent’s first inhabitants.

Watch the episode NOW on the PBS Digital Portal.

And head over to the Time Team America website and learn more about Topper in the Site Report.


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