Two days until TIME TEAM AMERICA!

Time Team America on July 8th!

Two days until the premiere of Time Team America!  Sexy Archaeology wants to know which episode in the first series you are most excited to see?  Look over the episode summary’s below and then cast your vote in our Question of the Week poll.

Time Team America – Series 1

Fort Raleigh, North Carolina (07-08-2009) – Time Team America head to North Carolin to try to decipher the fate of the Roanoke colonists and pursue evidence to establish where the first colony in America was located.

Topper, South Carolina (07-15-2009) – The team searches for evidence of North America’s first human inhabitants.

New Philadelphia, Illinois (07-22-2009) – Time Team Archaeologists search for a school in the first town founded by former slaves.

Range Creek, Utah (07-29-2009) – Travel to Utah’s Range Creek with the team as they investigate a canyon for clues to the lives of the Freemont people.

Fort James, South Dakota (08-05-2009) – The scientists search for the remains of a stone fortress built by the U.S. Cavalry in 1865.

And if you haven’t already, check out the first episode now at the PBS Digital Portal!


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