Maryland archaeologists have an exciting find…


Sexy archaeologists in Maryland have uncovered an Algonquian Indian camp on a bluff above a bend in the Patuxent River, a find that includes the oldest human structure ever detected in Maryland.  Artifacts show that the campsite was in use two centuries and more before Christopher Columbus set sail from Europe, highlighting once more that Columbus didn’t “discover” anything.

The dig has uncovered traces of oval Algonquian wigwams, rare bone, antler and stone tools,  fragments of a highly decorated pot and items used for personal ornamentation.  Carbon 14 dating on charcoal from a hearth found outside the wigwam suggests that the site was occupied between 1290 and 1300, making it the oldest dwelling ever discovered in the state.  Outlines of other dwellings at the site might be older.

Full article link.


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