The Spaz Speaks: Updatedness!

Well, the Spaz scryed and waved his spaztic wand and cleared all the B.S. hooplah out of the way and the important thing he pulled out of the interweb is this: The Ark of the Covenant will not be revealed. Depending on which sites you go to for this information, the Patriarch claims to have never made statements saying the world needs to be shown. In another article, he says that the Ark couldn’t be shown to the people because if it was touched God would smite you. In yet another article, people are crying out that if the Ark is filled with the Manna of God (food meant to sustain the Hebrews for their 40 trek) then why does Ethiopia starve?

And even another article lays claim that the Patriarch was in conference with the Pope for several days and then just left.


Big point: No Ark.

And no Ark, no matter how you look at it, means no melting face. And I like my Sexy face right where it is, thank you very much.


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