The Spaz Speaks: MY FACE IS MELTING!!!


When the Spaz speaks, usually its rabble about babble, ya know “wuddahmean?”   But for once, The Spaz Speaks with the voice of a higher power. Before I get into the meat of this post, I’d like to point out at this time that the Spaz has always been fond of religious iconography as well the religious presence and influence within a culture.

The Spaz Speaks: Religion’s Fun!

Ok, now moving on.

This is what the Spaz knows, just from his boring years reading books and watching tv specials:

  • The Ark of the Covenant was bounced around from leader to leader until disappearing “for good” sometime around the Crusades (Don’t you love my historical detail?). Since then, there’s a church in Axum, Ethiopia that claims it has it, and only the current Patriarch is allowed to see it, daily, to make sure it is in alright condition, smile at it, silly stuff.
  • Another thing the Spaz knows: Axum, Ethiopia has a huge collection of fake Arks, to parade around and bow down in front of. Cool huh? They kind of act like that big bronze statue of Superman, since the real big and blue won’t ever be too un-busy to take me up on those requests for the Spaz to join the Justice League (I’m bitter).
  • {Insert everything the Bible says about the Ark after this bullet}
  • The Ark of the Covenant can melt faces.

So that’s what the Spaz knows…but wait..what’s this flying across the Spaz’s WheelyMajig Desk of Doom? The current Patriarch wants to show off the Ark?

Say what?

Won’t that melt all of our faces? Won’t that be incentive for idol worship (yes…I’ve read a book or two)? The impact of this is going to be huge. Is the world ready for this?

Or, more realistically, what’s the real motivation behind this? In our current world filled with wars that are only economically or religiously based, what’s the real motivation? Is this a tourist trick? Will this incite riot? Chaos? Revival or religious fandom? What’s the reasoning and what’s the impact?

Tell me, in the comments.

(See how I did that? I’m tricky!)


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