The Spaz Speaks: Long distance

Holy inflated castles, Batman!

Seriously though, anyone else notice how Archaeology suddenly got busy when the snow melted. The Spaz has been going crazy just trying to stay ahead of the curve. And yes, this is 100% an excuse for having not reviewed Time Team America or writing that Zombie Survival Field Notes thingy I had planned.

The Spaz would also like to take this moment to thank Stone Pages for their enjoyment of the podcast review. I’d like to apologise for the confusion on your accent. Oops, The Spaz can be a little thick sometimes! Trust me, that’s not really a surprise. As for the comment on the “monotone”: I never took into account that non-English speakers would need the leg-up to listen to it. That’s my failing, and I apologise for that as well. I love review feedback and you guys were great in getting back to us, thanks a ton!

In other news, here’s a link I thought was pretty fancy. Let’s go solve a murder…I hear there’s no statute of limitations on those kinds of things. We’ll see if this 3000 year old case holds up in court.  Link.

The future of The Spaz Speaks!: The Spaz plans on more reviews of podcasts, shows, and blogs and the like, anything that can be reviewed will get reviewed. On top of that, maybe I’ll throw in some interviews or something. I’m cool like that. As for my writing schedule, its based on what work will allow, I’ll try to keep it regular. Don’t hate me if it isn’t. I’m like the Fonz, I show up when I wanna, I say “Hey!” and then I leave. You never know when I’ll be there, but dang it, I’ll be there.

–The Spaz!

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