Fargo Fred wants YOU!


Fargo Fred, spokessock for The Archaeology Channel, wants your help!

On Tuesday, June 2, TAC launched their Spring 2009 Pledge Drive. The Pledge Drive is intended to help raise money so that TAC can continue operating at a consistent level. Through June 15, TAC will post a new Pledge Drive video daily providing new information as well as updates on the status of the Pledge Drive. The goal is to raise $5000 in that time.

The first Pledge Drive video is hosted by a new TAC character, Fargo Fred. Even though he is a sock puppet, Fred is really serious about the value of sharing the human story with everyone through TAC. Log onto TAC and see what Fred has to say as he takes a break from his excavations beneath the Egyptian pyramids! Then follow his advice and step forward with your pledge. Tell everyone in your network about Fred and his powerful message!

This and other programs are available on TAC for your use and enjoyment. We here at SexyArchaeology.org urge you to support this public service by participating in TAC’s Membership and Underwriting programs. Only with your help can TAC continue to provide nonprofit public-education and visitor-supported programming.

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