Sexy News from the World of Archaeology for 9 May 2009

Here’s what’s happening this week in the world of Sexy Archaeology!

Remember that amazing high-res picture of the crowd at Barak Obama’s Presidential Inauguration? The one that allowed you to zoom in on everyone in attendance? Well, archaeologists could soon be employing similar technologies at heritage sites. The system, called GigaPan, allows users to create super high-resolution panoramas with ordinary digital cameras. With camera attached, a robotic GigaPan tripod systematically photographs a scene with thousands of close-up images, which are later stitched together with proprietary software.  This could add a whole new level to sexy archaeological photoshoots.  Link.

Turns out that our ancestors may have been some sick individuals! A recent controversial study published in the Journal of Anthropological Sciences indicates early modern humans may have used Neanderthal body parts as ornaments, and even feasted on them. The study draws its theory from an analysis of cut marks found on a Reindeer jawbone that also seem to appear on a Neanderthal jaw bone. The problem is, researchers are yet uncertain the 30,000-year-old jawbone belonged to a Neanderthal, though it does possess several features are that are characteristic of the species. Keep an eye on this story. Link.

A mapping project of Lake Champlain located over 300 shipwrecks lying hidden beneath the waters. Art Cohn, director of the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum and a marine archaeologist, calls it the best-preserved collection of shipwrecks anywhere in the world. Among those discovered were USS Spitfire, an American gunboat that operated on the lake in 1776 and was lost in the Battle of Valcour Island. Head over to for pictures and video.

Lastly, be a lover, not a fighter. An anthropological study of the Waorani people of the Amazon, labeled “the most murderous people on Earth” indicates their violent ways are leading to the downfall of their society. It turns out that when compared to another group, the Yanomamo, the Waorani a less reproductively successful. The secret lies primarily in the fact that the Yanomamo conclude violent times with a period of peace as opposed to the Waorani who are perpetually violent. For years it had been thought that aggressive men ended up with more wives and children.  Make love not war!  Link.

That’s all for now!

Got a hot tip?  Working on something sexy cool in the world of archaeology and want to tell the world?  Contact and tell us what you’ve got!  Until next time, stay sexy!


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