The Spaz Speaks: Podcast Review

Stone Pages ArchaeoNews Podcast, brought to the listener from is a weekly podcast that highlights the news events in the field of Archaeology from around the world.  Hosted by David Connolly, the show features insights and interviews (occasionally) from real sexy shovelbums and has the professional quality of a well prepared live radio show.

Each week, David takes the listeners around the globe in a 20 minute tour of archaeologically related news, their global impact, and their impact on practicing archaeologists, both CRM and academic.

In this struggling economy, even The Spaz has seen friends flounder and fail to keep their jobs. Not only does Stone Pages ArchaeoNews give a feel for the shifting archaeological world around us, but also a comparative sample to show that the world’s struggling economy can’t kill a damn sexy profession.

While my review of Stone Pages is a positive one, it would be unfair to not comment on the negative aspects of the show. Mostly, the show is for those of us that consider ourselves to be fairly hardcore in the field. David’s English accent and rather monotone voice can aid in many short naps during the headlines that the listener might be prone to glaze over. Of course, David counters most of this with his own personal excitement over the topics and his engaging attitude.

Secondly, the show, in The Spaz’s opinion, needs more guests. Speakers from the different walks of life within archaeology could add a greater dimension to the show as well as solve my next and final issue with the show.

It’s just not long enough. This preference is just mine and not a reflection on the show’s quality. When I go browsing podcasts, I prefer shows that keep me engaged over long periods of time in the lab or between digs. So my chosen podcasts are usually at least 40 minutes long, while Stone Pages, being a headlines show, is only 20-30 minutes long.

In summary though:

The Spaz Likey!

Length aside, this is the shortest show I listen to, and this is based entirely on David’s engaging manner and incorporation of global relevance of the material. I encourage those of you hardcore sexy folks to subscribe via iTunes and leave your feedback in their reviews section.

– The Spaz


PS: Of course…If ever decided to make a podcast I might just have to replace Stone Pages with a new favorite…

if.. (Kurt: Soon my son…)

NEXT WEEK: How to survive that nasty Zombie Curse you just unleashed as well as a review of Time Team America‘s first show.


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