The Bladensburg Archaeology Project

We’re always on the lookout for exciting projects in the world of archaeology. Here is one that has caught our intention in the past couple of weeks:

The Bladensburg Archaeology Project

The Maryland State Highway Administration (MSHA) and the Center for Heritage Resource Studies (CHRS) at the University of Maryland are currently conducting archaeological investigations and architectural documentation on the Market Master’s House, the Magruder House and the George Washington House/Indian Queen Tavern. Through this project, they hope to uncover evidence of the town square, obtain information on the Battle of Bladensburg and find remains of the Indian Queen Tavern. It is their belief that these investigations and evaluations will reveal unknown information on these historic properties which will aid in a fuller understanding of the site’s history and contribute to a renewed public preservation ethic for these and other historic properties in the community. The project will also include historical research on the transportation of goods and people on the Anacostia River, railroad and various historic and modern roads. Ultimately, this data will be incorporated into an interactive website that profiles the history of Bladensburg, the Battle of Bladensburg, and transportation routes within a historic and cultural landscape.


The Bladensburg Archaeology crew gets it done.

The Bladensburg Archaeology Project website features daily updates on the ongoing excavations as well as crew biographies and videos taken in the field. is crazy about this project, not only for what it is potentially adding to the historical record, but how it is providing visitors to the website with an in-depth look at the archaeological process. The Bladensburg Archaeology Project is definitely one you are going to want to keep an eye on.


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