Sexy News from the World of Archaeology for 5 May 2009

Here’s what’s happening this week in the world of Sexy Archaeology!

Seems as though Paris Hilton wasn’t the first heiress to turn a small dog into an accessory. Three mummies (two humans, one puppy) were examined with a CT scanner at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania last week. The results of the non-destructive scanning procedure will be used to examine the health and wellness of the mummies at their time of death. Link.

Mention the black market and you’re likely to conjure two images in people’s minds. One is of a sexy, secret world you see in popular fiction, where your deepest desires to own some of the world’s finest treasures can be filled for the right price. The other is of a sickening void where key pieces of history are swallowed up forever into the recesses of private collections. This is the real world. With online marketplaces like EBay and Craig’s List thriving now more than ever, you have to wonder what it’s doing for the sale of stolen antiquities. Chip Stanish at UCLA says the effects are not what he and other archaeologists originally feared. Seems the demand for imitation artifacts has skyrocketed, leading some entire villages to divert from looting sites to producing top notch forgeries. Link.

Here’s one you’ll definitely want to keep an eye on: In just a few short weeks, Chinese scientists will return to the site where the first Peking Man (Homo erectus pekinensis) skull was found in 1929. Archaeologists hope to find more relics belonging to the ape men who were believed to live as early as 770,000 years ago. Link.

That’s all for now!

Got a hot tip?  Working on something sexy cool in the world of archaeology and want to tell the world?  Contact and tell us what you’ve got!  Until next time, stay sexy!


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