Sexy Archaeology Update – May 2009

Greetings Sexy Archaeologists!

Hope everyone is doing well: Keeping their trowel sharp and their sexy flexed. Yeah, we’re still working on some decent slogans.

I just wanted to send along this quick message and share what was happening with and The Official Movement to Bring Sexy Back to Archaeology Facebook Group. Thanks to everyone who has emailed us with suggestions, comments and offers to help. We sincerely appreciate every letter you guys send. Keep them coming!


First up: Time Team America. That’s right; the hit UK’s series Time Team has packed its bag and made the journey across the pond! Time Team America will debut on Wednesday, July 8, 2009, but you can watch the first episode now thanks to our friends over at PBS!  Head over to PBS Digital Portal to get a taste of what is to come.

While you are at it, why not write a review?! How does this series measure to other shows out there (Digging for the Truth, The Naked Archaeologist)? How does it compare to the original UK Time Team? If we like what you’ve got, perhaps you can become our official Time Team America Reviewer! Send your review to!

sac is pleased to announce its first official competition: The Sexiest Field Crew 2009 Competition. As the season picks up we’re asking you and your fellow ditch digging buddies to send us in a picture of your crew at their sexiest. Full details and a list of prizes will be available shortly.

Shirts, bandanas and other sexy archaeology swag are coming soon, we promise!

Surely you’ve got some shovel tests or trenching planned, so we’ll end this here. As always, keep checking with for all happenings in sexy archaeology!

On behalf of everyone on the team- stay sexy!


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