Sexy News from the Archaeology World for 20/4/2009

Here is what is buzzing in the world of sexy archaeology this week:

Sexy scientists at the University of Marseille are saying that skeletal structure and mitochondrial DNA taken from 12 Neanderthal skeletons indicates there may have been four subgroups among our chinless cousins. Link.

A researcher from University of Central Arkansas has discovered a rock painting at Manchu Picchu that has apparently gone unnoticed since the discovery of the Peruvian citadel. He’ll present his findings this week at the annual meeting of the Society for American Archaeology in Atlanta. Hopefully it’s the Incan equivalent of a Page 3 girl. Link.

Archaeologists in Egypt started work this week searching three sites for the tomb of the sexiest woman in all of history: Cleopatra! Link. (Thanks to Kaitlyn Beachner)

And finally, a sliver of light in a recent dark event. Last week’s powerful earthquake in L’Aquila, Italy has unearthed prehistoric dwellings. Some of the vaulted caves measure up to five metres in height, according to Italian geologist Gianluca Ferretti.  Link.

That’s all for now.

Got a hot tip?  Working on something sexy cool in the world of archaeology and want to tell the world?  Contact and tell us what you’ve got!


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