Have you got the ACE?

Neanderthal Lacked Anatomical Competitive Edge: Skeletal Remains Tell the Story

(PhysOrg.com) — A new study of the skeletal fossils of Neanderthal and Early modern man suggest the lack of a “throwing arm” may have made the difference in human evolution. Researchers Jill A. Rhodes and Steven Churchill, evolutionary anthropologists published their findings in the January 2009 edition of the Journal of Human Evolution. The paper entitled, “Throwing in the Middle and Upper Paleolithic: inferences from an analysis of humeral retroversion,” provides some clues to the extinction of Neanderthal.


The Anatomical Competitive Edge.

Damn, that sounds cool!  It’s like drinking Gatorade, only its genetic!

In celebration of these recent findings, I want everyone to spend the next few days applying their Anatomical Competitive Edge (your ACE card) as much as you can.  Just what exactly does that mean?  Throw everything!  Your buddy wants a beer?  Catch!  Customer gets change?  Open that purse wide!  Need me to pass you that highly explosive liquid stored in that fragile glass vile?  Two hands!


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